A typical classical text

A leaf from Opera (The Works) by Lucius Lactantius, printed by Andrea de Paltasichis and Boninus de Boninis in Venice in 1479 (303 x 195 mm) 

For this reprint of the works of an early Christian writer who lived under the Roman Empire and died in about 320 AD, a roman type and single-column format was deemed appropriate – in fact it was for just this sort of thing that roman types were developed.

The printers of the leaf both came from ports across the Adriatic from Venice which were then under Venetian rule. They joined forces in Venice to produce this one book before going their separate ways as printers. (Boninis eventually ended up in Lyons, where his publishing activity was apparently a cover for something more lucrative: spying for the Venetian republic.)

Paltasichis and Boninis also had access to greek type (see line 10 of the recto page).