Using this site           

Pause the mouse over any of the thumbnail images on the Index Page to see a pop-up description. Click to see a high-resolution scan of the leaf concerned, together with some information about it. The 'yellow pages' work the same way and provide background information.

If you prefer to view the leaves in what is intended to be a logical sequence, start by opening the first page (top left thumbnail) and then progress forward (or back) using the right and left arrows at the top of each page. 

Viewed on a Desktop PC with a typical screen of 100 dots/inch resolution, the leaves will reproduce at about 75% of actual size. By moving the cursor over the image you can see a X2 magnification of any part of it, made possible by Magiczoom. Large images mean large files, so some leaves may take a noticeable time to download.

The site is best viewed with your browser in full-screen mode: press F11 in most browsers.